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Gridiron Strategies Oct-Nov 2014  

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Gridiron Strategies
  • Supplementing Your Running Game with Screen Concepts
  • Stopping the Up-Tempo, No-Huddle
  • Defending the Spread Offense
  • Using Quick Circuits to Maximize Individual Time
  • Punt Pressure
  • Kickoff Coverage Drills
  • Using the Clean and Jerk as Your In-Season Workout

     X's & O's FROM THE VAULT

  • 2-Point Conversion Series
  • Johnny Metcalf Former Head Coach, Erwin High School, Birmingham, Ala.

    OUR TEAM RAN a successful 2-point conversion play and after using the play a number of times, we decided to expand on it. We’ve even successfully used this formation from various positions on the field.You should have at least three options for 2-point attempts, even though you’re usually only going to need one per game. It’s nice to have a second play if you have to go for a 2-point conver

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    Supplementing Your Running Game with Screen Concepts

    by Ray La Forte Offensive Coordinator • United States Coast Guard Academy

    The USCG comes into every game with six different screen plays with each one having multiple variations.

    As America’s smallest National Service Academy, our cadets are faced with many daily challenges. We have continued to adapt and adjust our football practices to meet the demanding cadet schedules and rigors. Along with academic schedules routinely set at 20 credits and shorter practices come many obstacles. One obstacle that we have normalized over our 16 seasons is our height and we ...more...


    Packaging Plays Part III Packaging Three Concepts Together

    Rich Hargitt Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator • Ashbrook High School (NC)

    In the previous two articles on packaging plays, we looked at ways to package a pair of concepts together. In this article we are delving into new areas of packaged concepts. We will be looking at packaging three concepts together. The reason that an offensive coach would want to package three concepts together is that it allows the offense to a ...more.

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    Defending the Spread Offense

    Casey Jacobsen Co-Defensive Coordinator • Morningside College

    To defend the spread offense, the first thing you have to do is understand WHAT the offense is trying to accomplish and HOW they are trying to accomplish it. There are three things we talk to our defensive players about in regards to the spread and defense in general – numbers, leverage, and matchups. These concepts apply against all offenses, but are magnified against the spread because of spacing. 

    The spread offense is attem ...more.

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    Punt Pressure

    Michael Cieri Special Teams Coordinator & Defensive Line Coach • Montclair State University

    PART 1. A two Tiered Circuit Drill Program that Fine Tunes the Development of Critical Punt Pressure Skills

    The Red Hawks football program considers special teams to be “The Core” of the football operation. We firmly believe our offense and defense cannot be successful if “The Core“ isn’t at its strongest. Our head coach s ...more.



    Using the Clean and Jerk as Your In-Season Workout

    Tim Tobin Assistant Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tusculum College

    The clean and jerk is the ideal in-season workout and designed to increase explosiveness.

    In our weight room, the clean and jerk is our lift during the season. It builds explosiveness and has shown to keep athletes healthy. The clean primarily works the hamstrings, lattisumus dorsi, biceps, and trapezius muscles. Players learn with this li ...more.


    Using Quick Circuits to Maximize Individual Time

    Mark Reddy Defensive Coordinator • Olivet Nazarene University

    Running, tackling, and turnover circuit drills – if practiced with the proper techniques – will help improve your overall defense.

    One of the biggest challenges coaches face is trying to get everything to fit into their practice plan. It doesn’t seem to matter the length of practice – you always feel like you could use a l ...more.

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    A Tough Season, A Good Season ? Remembering my Dad

    After starting the season 0-5, we finished the season with 6 straight wins including a district championship and two home playoff games. I was very proud of the toughness displayed by our kids and staff. During the season, three of us lost our dads. It was a brutal time but we fought through it together. …

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    Coach Russell?s Ruminations ? November

    The thought I’d like to share with you this month started in the form of a question I was asked… “Were you embarrassed?” That question was asked after I presented an award at our annual football banquet last February. Our tradition here dictates that the position coach presents the award if a member of his …

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    Digital Signage is Changing the Play

    By: Jonathan Priestley Display technology is making a splash in the sports arena. For fans and sports teams alike, the incorporation of interactive touch displays opens a new world of possibilities ? one in which fans are more immersed in the game and coaches can make more informed decisions on the field. This technology is …

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    Pass Rush ? ?Work a Move?

    In our efforts to create pressure on the quarterback and register sacks we often dismiss the production of the pass rusher as something that occurs as either a function of extreme talent or because the individual simply “just beat” the man in front of him.  To be sure, if a guy can’t get off and …

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    Coach Russell?s Ruminations ? October

    In this great game of ours, we talk a lot about the culture of our programs. We frequently use terms like ?family? and ?one heartbeat?. An interaction I had with a player recently led me to spend some time thinking about these terms, and how they tie in to other factors a successful team might …

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